Where Can You Find Quick Free Proxies to Surf Safely?

For those in pursuit of protecting our privacy on the World Wide Web then the hunt for a quick free proxy to surf using sounds like some type of Holy Grail of solitude. Regrettably it is not; actually at it is worst it may be entirely the opposite and the equivalent of handing over your information on a silver platter. Hate being spied on, hackers and identity thieves attempt to intercept our information to steal from us and authorities and organisations inform us where we could surf and what we could say online. Free speech and liberty is not something which ought to be sacrificed for most for a little opportunity to catch a few criminals.

Spy on everybody – We Are Bound to Grab Somebody

It is unfortunately a tactic used by many online hackers, hackers and identity thieves use it to capture the odd person they can fleece from the hard earned cash. Authorities and agencies use it to justify spying on their entire population to capture the occasional paedophile online. If you do not believe me look for the new European Directive which states that each that is every website you see should be logged and stored for two years by your ISP presumably to be trawled for law breaking activities

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So what about a Quick Free Proxy

Know of thousands of free proxies most of these are easily available mainly because their mates have misconfigured their servers and are unaware that many so called ninja users are utilizing it. Then there would be the hacked servers that are intentionally opened up so that the bad guys can track and read all of the data being sent through the proxy lots of passwords and security details.

Other than this there are valid free proxies but sadly none of them can be considered quickly simply because it costs a whole lot of money to provide a quick free proxy and who is going to run in a huge financial loss merely to preserve your privacy?  No one very fast free proxy but  that is run and funded by some fine guys in the old Eastern bloc that make enough money from fleecing the accounts of the users to cover the enormous bandwidth bills.

Nope we are all grown up; if you get something for free it is usually a poor substitute. All of the valid free proxies are painfully slow, exactly like the web based -’type your URL in here’ and to be honest many web sites just do not work together. You would not use them for long prior to the experience of using the internet in a snail’s pace pushes you away. That is not to say the freedom of speech is not worth this sacrifice just that there are better choices.

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