What makes a serviced apartment unique from a Hotel?

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Gone are the days, where travelers have only limited options for accommodation. Today, it is easy for leisure or business travelers to find the perfect accommodation according to their needs. One of the popular choices among the people is the serviced apartment in singapore. It is a fully-furnished apartment that allows visitors to enjoy a comfortable stay. It is perfect for the guests as they can enjoy a short or long-term stay in this apartment. Here are a few things that make the furnished apartment unique from the hotel services.

Furniture and equipment:

Different hotels rooms have been designed with different furniture or equipment. You could find some couch, wardrobe, bed and some others which are common in all hotels. But a furnished home offers you the best space with the furniture that you have in your home. You could find everything that you need for a stay. From cooking accessories to washer/dryer.


The facilities make a lot of difference between a hotel and serviced apartment in singapore. You will enjoy a range of facilities when you choose a furnished apartment. Depending on the apartment you choose, it allows you to enjoy the amenities like a fitness center, pools, restaurants, lounges, Wi-Fi, and many others. Even some apartments are pet-friendly which is great for pet lovers.

Length of stay:

Hotels are meant only for shorter stays. You may have to look for another hotel within a few days or weeks. But if have planned to stay for long months, furnished apartments are the convenient choice for you.

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