The ways to keep your nose pad for long-lasting

On the off chance that you wear glasses, at that point I’m certain you have encountered that feared descend extension of your nose. It tends to be incredibly baffling when you generally need to alter your eyeglasses so as to see through your focal points. Continually pushing up your glasses is not just irritating, however likewise cause can contact against the skin, in the long run prompting staining and bothering. There are numerous reasons why your glasses may slide down the extension of your nose. Your edges may be excessively wide or excessively substantial, your skin excessively sleek, the arms of the casings may meet your ears at an inappropriate point, or the extension of your nose might be too restricted to even consider holding your glasses up.

In the event that you have an eyeglass toolbox, you may give fixing the screws a shot your casings or altering your nose pads. While this is an incredible beginning, this may not generally be the answer for keeping glasses from sliding down your nose. Deciding the motivation behind why your glasses slip is the initial move toward finding the correct arrangement.

Three Solutions to Prevent Your Glasses from Slipping

  • Silicone nose pads
  • Silicone antis lip ear snares

Nose Pads

Silicone Nose Pads

Silicone nose pads can be added to your eyeglasses by staying the cement side down on the extension of your glasses. These pads will include connect backing and help keep your glasses from descending your nose. When applied, these pads are practically imperceptible, settling on them an incredible decision for any style of glasses. They likewise arrive in a pack of 12 sets, which means these will keep going throughout the entire year. TheĀ Oakley nose pads replacement are extraordinary to use all alone or notwithstanding the silicone ear snares beneath for included dependability. Ensure you clean your glasses’ nose pads with a gentle cleanser or scouring liquor before attempting to apply the silicone nose pads to guarantee that they cling immovably to your glasses.


  • Silicone is a superior choice than wax for those with delicate skin
  • Each pair of pads endures 1 to 2 months with day by day use
  • Easy to apply and eliminate
  • Can be utilized with most eyeglasses
  • Safe to use on youngsters’ glasses
  • Help forestall spaces and dim blemishes on the scaffold of the nose
  • Waterproof
  • Exposure to blistering climate will diminish the pads’ life expectancy
  • Reapplying a similar nose pads a subsequent time will diminish their tenacity

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