Participation of Companies in Private Security System

If you were to hear the SIA then the answer is yes, then it is surprising, as they proffer the notion that holding an SIA licence is an assurance of having attained a high standard of business competence but if you have got the opportunity to talk to industry insiders or in the event that it is possible to get access to safety forums then you will discover a very different response. When it comes to large security firms then it is very much a case of quantity over quality. For one to understand fully why utilizing the services of large security companies are not necessarily the best solution for you, then you will need to understand the SIA was created and just exactly who they are.

According to SIA data, the security sector had the public perception for being connected with the criminal element. It was determined that it was in dire need of cleaning up and regulation. The Security Industry Authority or as it is known, SIA, is In charge of regulating the private security sector. They are an independent team who report to the Home Secretary, under the terms of the Private Security Industry Act 2001. Their job is to control the personal security industry effectively with the goal of reducing criminality, increasing values and to determine quality providers.

Private Security Profession

They have two important duties. One is the compulsory licensing of Individuals undertaking designated actions within the private security sector the other would be to deal with the voluntary Approved Contractor Scheme, which measures private security London firms against independently evaluated criteria. What we have now as a result of SIA meddling are private assistants and event’s organisers who cannot see beyond the SIA smoke and mirrors and consider that all SIA licence holders are created equal and so do not think it necessary to look into the organization or their employees backgrounds.

Maybe this perception of criminality might have been implemented to the lower end of the security spectrum, the doorman and website security markets but it certainly did not apply to the people working in close protection. They were self regulating and worry about their reputations just working with those they knew previously and were of the same high standards. If you ever tried to break into the London bodyguard scene, Tough because it worked and maintained customers safe and protected. The answers are flexibility and quality.

You will find that a smaller safety firm has much greater control over their staff since it is more intimate and their employees will have a different mindset to people working for a company. They have an increased sense of pride in their job, they will be highly experienced and they will carry a degree of professionalism that cannot be matched by mere numbers of staff.

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