Telugu Inspiration Movies That Have Facts

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Many people like Thriller movies in this world. If the film’s story comes to the viewers’ expectations, they consider the movie excellent. The Tollywood industry has been doing it for years. For many years, the Tollywood industry has been creating films with great content that are beyond imagination. The level of acting which the stars perform is beyond thinking. Any viewer cannot hate this industry because of the simplicity it has. The cinematography and the background music give a thrill to the viewer. It is the specialty of the Tollywood industry. However, they have the power to connect with the audience well. Some of the inspirational movies that this industry creates are worth watching. O pitta Katha is one of them. Also, the film shows real-life facts. You can even check many New movies online on aha app.

O pitta Katha is an Indian Telugu- language thriller drama film. The movie got released on 6th March 2020. Chendu Muddhu has directed this film. Also, Anand Prasad is the producer of the film. Viswant as Krish, Sanjay Rao as Prabhu, and Nithya Shetty as Venkata Lakshmi are the lead characters in this film. Pravin Lakkaraju has played with every beat of the music and directed it well. Also, Sunil Kumar N has showered his creativeness as a cinematographer. The film is the debut of the director Chandu Maddu. It is a movie that has a lot of thrillers and will amaze the viewer.

The story of this film revolves around a girl named Venkata. She goes on a vacation with her friends. While she enjoys her vacation, she gets kidnapped. The story shows the mystery of how she gets lost. Who was the person behind her kidnapping? The story of the film creates a thrill in revealing the reason for her getting kidnapped. Also, what was the reason he kidnapped the girl and how did the mystery get solves. The movie answers all. The acting which the film exhibits are very engaging. However, the viewers will not be able to get disconnected after they start watching it. The twist and turns in the story create an environment of seriousness all around.

The Aha channel has been the most popular these days. The OTT platform it has released has helped the viewers watch a movie on any platform they like. It is very pleasing to see Telugu movies rising because of this platform. All the new Telugu movies online are available on the Aha platform for the viewers. Also, subtitles are available for any viewer to connect with the film and enjoy the benefits of watching it. Watch Telugu Movies with your family members and spend some quality time with them.

Create your special moments with the latest and oldest Telugu movies available on the platform. In this pandemic, where you can’t go out of your house, have a bucket of popcorn and a drink to enjoy with the movie. However, watch O pitta Katha and many other thriller movies that will leave you amazed. Also, subscribe to the channel to get the latest updates on the films.

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