Shincheonji for the Testimony of Jesus

In the very heart of the new contract is the declaration of Jesus. At that point tumbled down at his feet for example the heavenly attendant to adore him, yet he stated, ‘No, do not love me. For the pith of prescience is to give a reasonable observer for Jesus.’ The extraordinary restricting association among Jesus and his new agreement is the way to learning reality, and the substance of the entirety of prescience. The new contract is God’s brilliant key that opens God’s rich treasury of gifts for devotees. At the point when we push ahead to go into his home all disarray and problems vanish. In the event that He is the only thing that is in any way important to you Col. 3:11, and not these other natural realms that lead away from him, at that point you have just increased a lot of astuteness.

Shincheonji testimony

In him lie all the fortunes of insight and information Col. 2:3. He opened up the new, nurturing way through the sacrosanct shade, by methods for his demise for us Heb. 10:20. This wondrous penance represents unsurpassed v. 10. There is no need at all to be occupied from complete consideration to him in the reputed resumption of the natural sanctuary and creature penances. On the off chance that such indecencies are continued in Jerusalem and He returns as of now, it will be to get revenge upon those unbelievers and their supporters who have debased reality with sacrileges. The individuals who are giving an unmistakable observer forĀ Shincheonji testimony today will sparkle forward as the sun in the New Jerusalem, the adored heavenly city of our God, where they will live with him forevermore.

Such honored ones are not unbelievers who stick still to the natural city where He was killed by the individuals who might not acknowledge his standard, yet they are the ones who have tailed him up and down the higher pathway of his new pledge that drives them legitimately into the most honored spot where they can attract exceptionally near him, even today. Their confidence in only him has compensated them with his most extravagant favors.

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